Is God calling you to be a student? Class is now in session!

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Proverbs 9:10

Do you want your life to be completely used to advance God’s Kingdom? Are you hungering for a greater understanding of God & what His plan is for His people? Have you said… Lord, I want to hear you say… well done, thy good and faithful servant!! In this 3-year school, the level of intimacy with the Father, will deepen by learning His ways & His nature. You’ll learn why God is orderly & has specific protocols. Do you have a thorough understanding of how God’s timing is different than ours? 

Do you ever wonder why you do things a specific way? Do you look around and see people who are really good at something & wonder what are YOU good at? God has given you an “IN THEE” gift, surrounded by other gifts. You’ll discover them & how to prime them, in this school. Do you want to learn how to allow the Holy Spirit to do His work within you? Did you know God speaks to you in dreams, visions, colors? Are you a prophet, if so, what type of prophet? Could you be a prophetic writer, a seer? What are your spiritual habits?  How do you guard yourself against divination? 

The spirit realm is more real than the one you’re in at this moment!!

Enroll today and allow the Holy Spirit to illuminate the prophetic within you… 



NOTICE: Class Schedule

Class is held every fourth (4) Saturday of each month. However, due to the holidays, November's  and December's class will be TBD.